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Rose Elaine Journals

Rose Elaine

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Rose Elaine is everybody's best friend and artist.  She is sweet, kind, caring, loves flowers and nature and has an abundance of good news for everyone she meets.  Rose Elaine is full of charm and style, but Rose is sharp, intelligent, and witty as well.  Rose Elaine loves to travel and paint and draw the things that she has seen and places she has been. This is her blog.  I hope you enjoy learning about her life and her adventures. 

Hi, I am Carla, and I am the artist/photographer and author behind Rose Elaine.  I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world. I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean 10 times and the Pacific 6 times and graduated from London Central in 1984 in High Wycombe, England. I attended college in Kansas and began my sales career in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, I live in Tennessee and find joy in painting and writing every day.  My life experiences have given me a unique world view. I realized early on that no matter where we are, nature inspires, it refreshes, and it fills us with joy. My paintings, photographs, and poetry - are a reflection of the world around us and are designed to bring you joy and happiness.  

Brand Image Rose Elaine

Brand Image Rose Elaine 

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